Wrap-n-Strap 918 Cord Organizer (918)

Wrap-n-Strap 918 Cord Organizer
Model# 918
UPC 752226918002

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Wrap-N-Strap® is an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle musical and computer cables, as well as extension and hardware cords for a variety of applications.


  • Stays attached to the cord, so there’s no risk of losing or misplacing it.
  • Eliminates tangled, messy cords by quickly and easily securing them into a neat, compact bundle - making them easier to move, store, and keep track of.
  • Cleaner and more effective than Velcro. Wrap-N-Strap will not collect dirt, get stuck to itself, come apart, lose strength, or slide along the cable like Velcro. The rubber straps also do not leave a sticky residue on the cable, as does Velcro.
  • Adjustable and reusable to fit any length of cord or cable time and time again.
  • The straps come in six different colors, to make it easier for musicians to tell who is using which cable.
  • Attractive Packaging - It’s colorful, descriptive, theft-proof, and can be hung on any standard peg hook.
  • They are bar-coded and designed to “nest” to save freight.
  • Because Wrap-N-Strap stays attached to the cord it is always ready to use, and can’t get lost!

Musicians have found Wrap-N-Strap to be indispensable as organizers and time-savers.


Wrap-N-Strap can be used to neatly secure and store guitar, microphone, and speaker cables. They are also ideal for computer and keyboard/midi cables, snake cables and extension cords. In addition, they are a handy way to keep cords attached to any lighting or speaker stands. Wrap-N-Strap has won numerous awards for innovation, design, practicality, and ease-of-use including an “Award of Excellence” at Winter NAMM.

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