ChopSaver Gold with SPF - Individual - Carded (CHPS)

ChopSaver Gold with SPF - Individual - Carded
Model# CHPS
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ChopSaver 100% Gold with SPF (the orange tube) is, just as it says, made from 100% natural ingredients, 10 of them certified organic

ChopSaver delivers a smooth, super long-lasting lip therapy experience with a light, citrus fragrance. The relief will be immediate, but gentle. It won’t tingle, as some products do. (In my opinion, that just means your lips are irritated even more.) ChopSaver makes your lips feel normal again as it speeds your recovery time. You can use it anytime, and while some do use it when they play, it’s especially effective after a long day of playing and works great overnight. Get some for yourself, a loved one, or the whole band, and soon you and your friends will be saying things like…

“Fantastic! Knowing it is all-natural is important, especially when it comes to the way my chops feel and respond!” -Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet – Los Angeles Philharmonic

“A lifesaver and, in my opinion, the best lip salve there is on the market!” - Sir James Galway, World-Renowned Flute Virtuoso

“As a full-time saxophonist, this product has really changed my life. I can say this is absolutely a product for ALL musicians!” - Miranda C.

“I find ChopSaver to be by far the best product I’ve tried for protecting my lips, conditioning them, and treating and preventing sore chops. I am a trumpeter, but my non-musician wife loves using it, too.” - Jon-Erik K.

“I was introduced to ChopSaver as a trumpet player in high school, and it saved my bacon for multiple seasons! I still use it now!”  - Helen C.

 “I tried so hard to find something to dislike, but I couldn’t find anything! It is imperative for musicians to buy this product.”  - Noah S.

“This is 100% the best thing I’ve ever bought for band. I am a brass and woodwind player and when you have band camp 5 days a week, this saves lives!” - Beth O.

“Very good for when my lips are chapped and I can’t play my trombone.”  - Brent M.

Can you believe it? No one has said anything about this product. Please feel free to leave a review about a product you have tried.

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